NETbilling Waives Merchant Account Registration Fees

VALENCIA, Calif. — NETbilling has announced a deal with its primary partner banks in the U.S. to pay the initial Visa/Mastercard high-risk registration fees when setting up a new merchant account and processing with NETbilling.

The promotion will be available for an extended period of time to clients switching to NETbilling from another processor with a current volume of more than $20k per month and who are located in the U.S. or Canada.

"We are very excited to be able to save merchants money, not only to setup with NETbilling, but with the increased profits that they will realize once they are processing with us,” said Wendy Nelson, vice president of sales for NETbilling. “Registration fees can sometimes hinder a decision for a merchant to make a move. However, this opportunity makes it a no-brainer."

Nelson added that new account setups can be completed in a few days' time.

For more information or to launch an account, contact the NETbilling sales department at 888-357-8166 or email