USC Hosts ‘Piracy of Sex’ Panelists Jessica Drake, Nate Glass

LOS ANGELES —The University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts is slated to host adult performer and sexual wellness authority jessica drake and digital piracy expert Nate Glass as featured speakers. 

Moderated by David Lerner, Ph.D., the discussion and open format Q&A is scheduled for 7:00 pm on Wednesday, April 30 in USC’S Ray Stark Family Theatre.

Addressing the interrelated effects of sexual stigma and digital piracy in a panel titled, “The Piracy of Sex,” drake draws upon her experience as a Wicked Pictures contract performer/director, while Glass expands on his work as the owner of Takedown Piracy

For more event details, visit USC School of Cinematic Arts’ event page here.

In their ongoing lecture series, “The Piracy of Sex,” Nate Glass and jessica drake explore how the problem of digital piracy may be even more prevalent with sexual content than other types of media. They surmise that while the anonymity of the Internet helps generate a larger audience, including women, for porn, fetish videos and live sex shows, it also “allows people to hide behind aliases and justify their actions.”  

“I’m excited to speak with USC students,” drake said.  “When I speak on the topic of sex education, I usually focus very heavily on consent.  Piracy is a virtual violation of consent, which is why I’m so glad to have someone like Nate helping protect the movies I make, while also touring with me to educate people on the matter.”

Glass added, “Many people dismiss piracy as a way of life — it’s something the younger generation has grown up with, and it’s ingrained in the way they think. I don’t agree with that. I’m not the same person I was when I was 20, and I like to think it’s for the better. Our goal is to have an honest and open dialogue with USC students, as well as other college students. From there they can make up their own minds, but at least we helped give them all the facts first.”

USC is the most recent stop in the duo’s tour of college campuses. Drake visited University of Chicago’s Sex Week last month to share how her experiences in the adult industry motivated her to differentiate real sex from reel sex. Glass joined drake for a second seminar at U-Chicago to present “The Piracy of Sex.”

Tech blog recently featured “The Piracy of Sex” series in an interview with drake and Glass. In the interview, drake shared her first experience with piracy: “Things changed for me when I saw one of the biggest movies that [I'd made so far], ‘Fallen,’ [had been pirated].  I found ‘Fallen’ online on a tube site pretty much right after it was released, and it was such a personal feeling for me all the way back then. I didn’t know a lot of about piracy back then, but it felt like theft, like a violation.”

“Something I tried to hammer home at University of Chicago [is] consent,” stated Glass in the interview.  “It’s a buzzword for sex-positive cultures about making sure in your relationship you have consent, which I’m all for.  When somebody takes jessica’s movie and uploads it to a tube site, that’s a violation of her consent.”