Belle Knox Panties Fetch Record Sum at

LOS ANGELES — A pair of panties worn by Duke porn star Belle Knox fetched a record price of $520 for the site on Sunday, site owner Ginger Lynn announced.

“I created the website for women in the adult industry just like Belle, simply as a way for them to sell personal items to their fans," said Lynn, the Golden Age star and radio personality. "I’m so excited that the site is contributing in such a big way to help finance Belle’s college education.”

Knox has been in the media spotlight since February, when she was outed by a Duke University classmate for turning to porn to finance her college tuition. She recently turned to to sell various personal items.

Lynn continued, “My goal has always been to support the women in the adult industry in any way I can. It’s why the site is completely free to them and their fans. For me, it’s a labor of love, and a way to give back. I’m proud that it’s helped Belle continue to raise money for her education.”

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