ECN Distributes Adventure Industries' Male Enhancement Supplements

HIGHTSTOWN, New Jersey — East Coast News (ECN) has teamed up with Adventure Industries to distribute its innovative new lines of male enhancement products.

Adventure Industries recently added two male enhancement supplements to its catalog of lifestyle and wellness products, Erekt and OMG (Obvious Male Growth). Both products offer delivery methods that do not require swallowing a pill.   

Erekt comes in a packet with two tablets that dissolve under the tongue. The supplement’s makers claim that the effects, which include enhanced sexual performance and endurance, may be felt in as little as 10 minutes.

OMG is a flavored powder that can be mixed into a drink or taken with food. OMG’s concentrated enhancement formula also reportedly “works fast.”

Adventure Industries and ECN are now shipping Erekt and OMG male enhancement supplements nationwide from their respective warehouses.

Interested retailers can contact Adventure Industries at ECN customers can contact ECN’s sales staff at