BodiSpa Releases Sex-Enhancing Damianax Tea

MONTREAL — Kaytel Media Inc./ BodiSpa Wellness Products has announced the release of Damianax, a tea made from Damiana leaves.

Alain Elmaleh, general manager of Kaytel Media said the product was in development for more than a year and has received its Health Canada approval.

“The Damiana leaf is a world-renowned natural product that actively stimulates the male/ female sexual response, and it’s a natural energy boost for mental and physical stamina,” Elmaleh said. “When come to think of it, it’s really the only product that works like magic both for her and him as well, since it’s also an excellent tonic to increase potency and stimulation among men! Therefore both men and women can enjoy positive sexual benefits that will increase and support a healthy sexual drive by regularly drinking Damianax tea.

“I personally invite everyone to experience the incredible results, after drinking some of this great tasting tea and its enticing aroma for a week only.”

According to the company, beside providing a natural energy boost for mental and physical stamina, as well as increase libido and sexual potency, Damianax also has been helpful for some in easing anxiety and depression.

Damianax is activated with boiling hot water, by allowing the tea to steep for 15 minutes. According to the company, Damianax is legal and the only aphrodisiac infusion product that’s approved by Health Canada/FDA.

Damianax is sold in boxes containing six pouches of tea infusion. Each tea infusion contains the maximum dose permitted: 2000mg of 100 percent pure Damiana.

For more information, email or call (800) 465-5822, ext. 221.