Williams Trading Launches Pocket Dungeon

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. ­– Williams has exclusively debuted the Pocket Dungeon, a collection of bondage and S&M toys discreetly housed in a supple, leather carrying case perfect for play on the go.

According to the company, the line is non-intimidating for beginners and features 17 products.

“Pocket Dungeon is a great example of mainstream meets innovation.” says Erin MacCord, marketing and vendor liaison. “S&M was once considered the dark side of sex. Such a misconception! S&M is the use of physical stimulation to increase endorphin production in the brain to heighten a person’s arousal and ultimately their orgasm. All of the “dungeon toys” a person would use for physical stimulation are now available in a discreet leather carrying case perfect for travel or enjoyment on the go.”

Pocket Dungeon started following the invention of its Benyi Jou, a high-quality stainless steel and acts as a retractable cane. It comes with an assortment of tip attachments so it easily transforms into a whip, crop, cane, cat-o-nine tail or flogger.

The Pocket Dungeon will be offered in two travel kits. A mini kit includes a blindfold, Benyi Jou, floggers and various tips. A full kit includes a blindfold, wrist cuffs, claws, Benyi Jou, Benyi Bullwhip, nipple clamps, carabineers, door attachment, gag, mini flashlight, padlocks, ball chain flogger and a kubaton for teasing.

“We are pleased to work directly with Ming and Michael, the inventors of the Pocket Dungeon, and applaud their creativity to bring this kit to the BDSM market,” says Rich Pyne, SVP of Muffs & Cuffs. “The Pocket Dungeon will be offered exclusively from Williams Trading Co. and available to all brick and mortar dealers online for our Muffs & Cuffs e-commerce partners.”

Pocket Dungeon is being displayed at the International Lingerie Show inside the Williams Trading booth.

For more information, visit WilliamsTradingCo.com.