Roxanne Rae Appearing on Streamate

VENICE, Calif. — Adult starlet Roxanne Rae, will be appearing on Streamate April 2 from 6-8 p.m. EDT, and on April 4 from 7-10 p.m, the performer announced.

“I came back from California hornier than ever," Rae said. “Maybe I didn’t get quite enough in my two weeks out there, but I’m feeling way frisky.”

Besides shooting content, Rae said she was also a guest on the Christy Canyon show last week where she shocked hostess and audience by saying her porn goal was to be "3P’d."

“I want to, you know, get like two in one hole and one in the other,” Rae said. “It just sort of came out on the show. Is that too much? Is that wrong? I think it would be hot and I’m doing it.”

Rae noted that she's also opening her own store.