pjur Group Reports Success at Australia's APP Pharmacy Show

Bob Johnson

WASSERBIILIG, Luxembourg — The pjur Group has announced that its inaugural appearance at Australia’s APP Pharmacy Show was a major success for the company.

The conference, held March 13-16, is Australia’s largest pharmacy conference and trade show, according to pjur. The company said it met with a number of drug stores, including three of the biggest chains with more than 400 stores in Australia that have announced that they intend to carry pjur products. A number of other pharmacies and retailers also placed their first orders during the show.

Products were shown exclusively at the exhibition booth of Love Pharmacy, a subsidiary of the The Love Group Pty Ltd. In addition to the pjur med series, the “Sexy Six,” last year’s six new creations from the pjur group, were also showcased.

Pjur said both series of products, along with their new Counter Display Cardboard, grabbed the attention of fans.

“Our concept was a big hit and we received outstanding feedback from everyone involved. This pharmacy show was a huge success and I’m very pleased about the business we did there and all that’s yet to come. The pharmacy companies were very impressed with the performance and purity of the pjur range,” said Rob Godwin, CEO of the Love Group.

Pjur CEO and founder Alexander Giebel also lauded the show.  “For us, it was wonderful to see how popular our products are within the mainstream sector in Australia. And, of course, the pjur med series is perfect for retail distribution in drug stores and pharmacies,” Giebel said.