Happy Ride Vibrating Bike Seat Makes Exercise Fun, Dangerous

Lila Gray

CAPE TOWN, South Africa — For cyclists looking for a boost — in their routine as well as their nether regions — there is now the Happy Ride, a vibrating bicycle seat cover.

Available from South African adult retailer Passion Fruit, the device is controlled by a remote control that fits discreetly into a pocket nestled in the seat.

Passion Fruit editors explain, “This way, you can peddle away unencumbered and customize your thrilling little jaunt with vibes that range from mellow and mild to those that’ll make you feel like Lance Armstrong crossing the finish line at the Tour de France. And, just like Lance, you’ll want to do it again and again and again….”

The Happy Ride was invented by Claire Bowden and was reportedly released in time for one of South Africa’s largest cycling events.

While many have pointed out the potential fallacies of the erotic workout device (namely injury and embarrasment), the makers of Happy Ride insist that the incognito vibe is the “best incentive to ensure you keep getting back in the saddle.”

The seat cover costs $399.95 ZAR, which, for those living stateside, amounts to about $37.

Those interested in pimping out their two-wheel rides can click here to check out the Happy Ride on Passion Fruit.