Sunny Leone Lauded as Branding Expert by The Economic Times

MUMBAI, India — Porn star, mainstream Bollywood actress, and product ambassador, Sunny Leone has now added the distinction of being an Internet marketing branding expert to her ever-growing career.

The Economic Times has singled out Leone as a new breed of digital guru who uses social media — and the power of her adult reputation — to help vault her global success, particularly in India despite its steep conservative leanings.

"I think I offer a unique brand of worldwide traffic and fans that is different from what is offered by other celebrities in India," Leone said.

The star pointed out that companies that hitch their brand to hers "see the potential and value" in it. In 2014 Leone has launched her own app and platform that integrates all social networks with her own marketing team under banner company Leone LLC. Leone said, ”We now reach the end consumer in a way that companies hope to in an ever changing world market.”

The article suggested that Leone should be taken more seriously despite her adult background, considering her huge Google search popularity and product endorsements that include a number of edgy products.

"Products such as energy drinks, alcohol and — more obviously — adult entertainment websites have sexual attraction built in either as subtext or as an overt promise. In that context, Sunny Leone becomes the perfect choice as brand ambassador. She's a porn actress who has now become a Bollywood star — hence known and fantasized about by millions. Who better to be the face of an A-rated brand," said Sumanto Chattopadhyay, executive creative director, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Mumbai.

But it’s not only Leone’s business savvy that’s getting her marketing props. Anisha Singh, CEO and founder of Mydala, an Internet marketing company targeting 200 million Indian consumers said she connects with Leone as a woman entrepreneur who is practical, down-to-earth and unapologetic about providing a service.

A “meet and greet” Leone contest has already registered more than 7,000 participants. "The promo has also created a big buzz in the mobile space, from where a large number of our users are coming," Singh said.

Leone’s reach as a brand ambassador is also opening up India’s acceptance of erotica — especially with younger women, according to the story.

Erotic author Sreemoyee Piu Kundu said that Leone’s presence is sparking needed dialogue about sex and “a woman's right to physical pleasure in the same tonality as we would lend to a man.”