Girl Crush Films Reveals Principals, 1st Release

LOS ANGELES — Newly announced Girl Crush Films has revealed the studio’s principal players along with its first release.

Producer Gina Lassen, who has worked with veteran director Jordan Septo, is the company CEO and director for all releases.

“My product is made for girls who like girls and for guys who like girl that like girls,” Lassen said. “The only way to accomplish this is for a woman to be in charge.”

The company said that although Septo won’t be on the management side he will be “utilized.”

Septo recently helped procure 32 industry award nominations, the studio noted, for films such as “The Lone Ranger XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody,” and “OMG…It’s The Leaving Las Vegas XXXX Parody.”

“Just as she has helped me with things at my companies I will help with things at hers,” Septo said. “We’ve been an awesome team so far and we will continue to be in her new endeavor.”

Septo noted that he has already helped in securing exclusive U.S. DVD distribution through Exquisite Multimedia, home to many of his parodies under it’s Exquisite Films and Extreme Comixxx labels. DVD distribution will begin in April with the studio’sfirst title “Seduced by My Boyfriend’s Mom.”

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