PornHub Seeking 'SFW' Creative Director

CYBERSPACE — In what could be its most clever marketing stunt to date to grab mainstream attention, PornHub has made a public announcement seeking a “safe for work” (SFW) creative director who can help reach millions of new users.

To its credit, the company has been very successful with issuing reports and data of porn use from its Insights blog that’s titillated a number of major mainstream news outlets — including Time and others — hungry for eye-grabbing porn headlines.

Now, in what could be the slickest campaign of all, PornHub is issuing an open challenge for “innovative” media types to submit their SFW “creative briefs,” thus generating yet more buzz that will undoubtedly bring the company to the attention of the best and brightest mainstream advertising industry creative minds.

PornHub’s asking, “Do you have what it takes to be creative director of the world’s #1 adult site?," hoping to find someone who can handle the task of creating s SFW national marketing campaign.

The company said 35 million people view online porn, and it wants to eschew porn’s traditional taboo stance to reach the next 35 million. PornHub wants a “G-rated” campaign that can be featured on TV, online, videos, magazines, billboards and more.

“If your concept is chosen as the winner, you will earn a one year paid contract as Creative Director of PornhuB! You’ll work alongside our marketing team to see your advertising vision become a reality,” the site explains.

Some submission examples already appear on the site, but it’s not clear as to whether they’re true contestants’ work, or produced by PornHub to juice the contest as they all appear to have a similar graphic appeal.

Would-be creative directors can also download a branding package replete with PornHub logos.

"There’s a lot of people who really invest in the brand, and we really want to give them an opportunity to create for it and then become our creative director," Corey Price, vice president for marketing told Business Insider. He added that he often gets emails from users with their own marketing ideas.

The contest ends March 31. The pitch and details can be found here.