Entrenue Releases 'No Buzzkill' USB Plug

PHOENIX — Entrenue has released the No Buzzkill USB plug, a compact charging tool compatible with most USB-based motorized sex toys, the company announced today.

According to Entrenue, No Buzzkill was designed for consumer convenience, offering a means to keep their toys “charged and ready to go.” Sales reps note that while many personal massagers utilize USB charging technology, they often do not include a plug with purchase.   

“It’s always nice to have an extra USB plug around the house, especially when you have more than one massager that needs to get charged, so we created our own universal unit,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “We’ve sold a ton in just a few months and our customers love the option of giving the No Buzzkill plug away as a gift with purchase. Plus, it’s a cute and clever way to help facilitate the sale of a USB-charged massager.”

The No Buzzkill plug is available in black with white print and white with red print. It sports a subtle insignia, the word “Buzzkill” with a line slashed through it, to add “flair without offense.”

To place a product order, call (800) 368-7268 or email info@entrenue.com.