Nate Glass to Discuss Piracy at University of Chicago's 'Sex Week'

LOS ANGELES — Anti-digital piracy expert Nate Glass will be a featured speaker at University of Chicago’s 2014 Sex Week. The owner of Takedown Piracy is teaming with Wicked Pictures contract performer/director, Jessica Drake to present “The Piracy of Sex.”  The lecture and open format Q&A is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. this Saturday, at U of Chicago’s Logan Center for the Arts.
In “The Piracy of Sex,” Glass and Drake will explore how the problem of digital piracy is even more prevalent with sexual content. While the autonomy of the Internet helps generate a larger audience, including women, for porn, fetish videos, and live sex shows, it also allows people to hide behind aliases and justify their actions. The stigmas still surrounding sexuality contribute to the rampant pirating, as do performers' lack of funds and resources. Glass and Drake will discuss the effect of piracy on sex workers and adult entertainment producers and how they can fight back and protect their copyrights.
“We are thrilled to have Nate Glass and Jessica Drake come speak for us, and on our first full day of the week, too,” said UChicago Sex Week co-founder and two-time co-director, Stephanie Grach. “Our team was very interested in Nate right off the bat because of his work with piracy in the porn industry.  It presents a blend of sex with intellectualism and economics — basically, a perfect fit for the University of Chicago!”

Sex Week at the University of Chicago is a mix of seminar, social/discussion, and workshops. Attending students and other community members are invited to hear the background and accepted perceptions of a variety of groups, and to explore them artistically, intellectually, and with an open mind. Through Sex Week at UChicago, the co-founders hope attendees develop an appreciation and understanding for the blurred boundaries and politics surrounding the topic of sex.

Grach said, “With Sex Week at UChicago, we like to look at sex from every angle — arts and literature, philosophy, religious/secular, mass media, politics, abstinence, logistics and safety, and stereotypes/definitions. We like this to be an exploration and discussion of an usually taboo subject, thinking about the terms and images we use, how we express ourselves, and interactions with others, as well as our own personal sexual preferences and choices.”
For more information on University of Chicago’s Sex Week, click here
Glass, an Illinois native, remarked, “It is a huge honor to be asked to speak at University of Chicago, one of the world’s top academic establishments and the birthplace of nuclear physics.  Jessica and I look forward to introducing students to our industries and expertise. The topics of piracy, porn, and sex are often treated as taboo subjects, but we aim to shed light on each, as well as the ways they are related.”
Glass’ company, Takedown Piracy, actively tracks at least nine different ways content may be pirated, providing widespread coverage. Takedown Piracy’s army of servers offer protection in the following areas: Cyberlocker sites like Rapidshare, torrent sites, tube sites, auctioned or unauthorized DVD resellers, search engines, image hosts, blogs, forums, social media.