'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham in 'Sex Depression'

LOS ANGELES — At least she’s not denying that she made a sex tape any longer, but now MTV “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham is saying she’s suffering from “sex depression” after making her infamous hardcore video.

On the Jan. 30 epsiode of VH1’s “Couples Therapy” show, the reality star reportedly told the host, Dr. Jenn Berman, that she’s uncomfortable with the explicit Vivid Entertainment-released video she made with James Deen, and that she’s been struggling with intimacy ever since.

In addition to her breakout porn tape, the follow-up Vivid release, “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom” — with anal and squirting scenes — has also been made public.

Yet, in another public display of angst over her performances, Abraham said she’s having a problem trusting men ever since the original sex tape debuted.

“When I’m going to date somebody, and I'm thinking about, ‘Oh, if I have sex with this person,' I'm just wondering why they’re wanting to have sex. I just always feel like they’re trying to control me in some way, like they’ re trying to fucking break me in some way,” she said.

According to Hollywood Life, others on the show reacted to Abraham’s sob story with raised eyebrows.

Abraham also dished about her personal sex life and what else is causing her problems.

“My sex life and world started when I was 15 and my dad caught me, and that’s how everyone in the whole family found out that Farrah had sex. That ‘s why I don’t really like telling them things because I just feel like they’re really judgmental. So it ‘s been very odd," Abraham said.

The TV personality turned porn phenom also said she’s now trying to figure out her life.