SKWEEZ Media Gets Props From CNBC

Bob Johnson

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — SKWEEZ Media’s new Internet TV network recently received props from CNBC, the creators announced.

The Netflix-like service for adult was likened to the iTunes model in the article titled, “Building the iTunes of Porn,” by CNBC correspondent Chris Morris.

Morris reported on the company’s work to turn the downturn of the industry’s finances around, by “[giving] fans access to a vast library of porn at a rate … consumers find palatable.”

“In the works for over 18 months, SkweezMe bypasses a recurring payment model, which is the bread and butter of most adult studios. Instead, customers can pay 99 cents to get unlimited access to the service's collection of high definition films,” Morris wrote.

“Recurring billing is a marketer’s dream, but it can be a consumer’s nightmare,” SKWEEZ Media President Jamey Kirby told Morris.

Executive Vice President of Content and Marketing Mike Kulich added that the adult industry has simply not given customers a chance to be honest, modeling SKWEEZ Media after the new delivery and monetization systems developed after the rampant music piracy of the late ‘90's.

“We don’t expect to be able to recuperate the $4 billion the industry loses each year to piracy,” Kulich told Morris, “but it would be nice if we could recuperate a portion of it.”

When asked about how SKWEEZ benefits participating content creators, Kulich said, “Studios will be compensated via a revenue-share model, dividing 25 percent of the monthly revenue generated by the [network].”The company said it is building a war chest of titles in order to release new ones into its library on a weekly basis.

Skweez Media launched its service earlier this year.

The company is inviting studios and performers with content to partner in licensing and rev share agreements. Those interested can email