Chauntelle Tibbals Releases 2nd Volume in Book Series

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — Sociologist Chauntelle Anne Tibbals, Ph.D. has announced the release of the second volume of “You Study What? One Sociologist's Journey through Sex, Society, & Adult Entertainment,” her ongoing book series.

Each installment of the “You Study What?” series is based on Tibbals’ scholarly work in and around the adult industry. She shares her personal experiences, providing a window into a world that she feels is shrouded in mystery, but is ultimately no different from any other.

"The 'mainstream' world is still so misinformed about the adult industry, which leads to so many issues related to discrimination and social justice,” Tibbals told XBIZ. “One of my main goals with the ‘You Study What?’ series is to provide folks in the general public with an 'acceptable' place to access information and deconstruct misconceptions."

“You Study What? (Volume 2)” features five stories, including “Disco Dolls in Hot Skin,” about the first adult film the author ever saw, as well as “Don’t Ass-fuck the Blowbang,” and “…On why I can’t say ‘Tranny Awards,’ — both regarding personal struggles that arise as a result of the tension between the  differing norms of academia and the world of porn.

Tibbals also discusses “Academic Snubbery,"  a tragic tale of research rebuked, and takes us “On Set.” She quickly qualifies the title, saying “It’s not as exciting as you’d think.”

The latest volume also includes the bonus chapter, “The Real ‘Linda Lovelace’ (née Boreman, née Marchiano),” a biographical look at the legendary one-time performer.

“I’ve had some fun adventures and have seen some pretty interesting things over the years,” Tibbals added. “But a lot gets lost when you’re translating everyday observations into scholar-speak. I’m excited to share some of the more personal experiences that have informed my academic work.”

“You Study What? (Volume 2)" is now available exclusively as an e-book on Amazon. Click here for details.

Tibbals is an embedded sociologist specializing in gender, sexualities and media and popular culture. Her research has been published in numerous scholarly journals, including “Sexualities, Gender Work & Organization” and “Stanford Law and Policy Review.”