Video: Ron Jeremy Stars in 'Wrecking Ball' Parody

PORTLAND — Clad in tighty whities and tight white tank, Ron Jeremy does what any self-respecting Miley Cyrus impersonator would do — he jumps on a wrecking ball and licks a hammer.

A latecomer to the “Wrecking Ball” parody bandwagon, Jeremy and crew have released a four-minute video on YouTube that makes up for the tardiness with panache and, quite frankly, Jeremy's epic gut. The clip already has over 1.2 million views.   

The video, which features a heartfelt vocal performance by the “porn king,” is the brainchild of production company TheSpotPDX, which operates out of Portland, Oregon.

Michael Kirchoff and Amber Smith of TheSpotPDX recruited Jeremy for his established name and because “he's just an all around good guy,” Kirchoff told USA Today.

Kirchoff added that the “Wrecking Ball” parody is not the end of their collaboration, and have already recorded two original tracks together that features Jeremy rapping.