Hello Touch Makes Gizmodo's Top 100 Posts of 2013

CYBERSPACE — Listed on Gizmodo’s “100 Most Popular Posts of 2013” post was a piece espousing the wonders of Jimmyjane’s Hello Touch.

"Hello Touch May Be the Best Sex Toy Ever Invented,” posted almost a year ago today (on Jan. 15) exuberantly — though the title may have cued you into that already — describes the 2014 XBIZ Awards nommed product that essentially turns your fingers into living, moving vibrators.

Gizmodo reporter Jesus Diaz described it as possibly “the best sex toy ever invented. It will turn two of your fingers in natural vibrators that you can apply all over your body, inside and out. It also looks designed by Tony Stark and Jon Ive, which kind of makes you and your partner look like superheroes in an iPod ad.”

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