Naughty America Bets on 4K Ultra HD Content

LAS VEGAS — Andreas Hronopoulos, Naughty America’s CEO, says his studio’s recent technology investment in creating 4K Ultra HD content is the company's biggest ever.

But once Naughty America starts streaming 4K content, Hronopoulos is betting porn consumers will pay the $10 premium price per month on top of the regular $24.95 monthly subscription for regular high definition.

Hronopoulos, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, said that his customers seek out ultra-realistic fantasy worlds.and are the same ones gravitating to sports and video games.

“The closer we can come to making it feel like you’re there, the more successful we are,” he said. “Our customers want to get as close to reality as they can get, without reality getting in the way.”

But Hronopoulos said the venture to offer 4K won’t come cheap, and that the investment could be a make-or-break situation should the technology not take off.

Hronopoulos noted each 30-minute video can take up 1 terabyte of memory, and the costs of backing up and making accessible each video places some barriers in place.

So far, the adult entertainment film industry is on the fence over the feasibility and success of 4K, which offers stunning clarity, particularly with screens 60 inches and above.

According to a recent XBIZ Poll, 44 percent believe the format won't impact the industry and spur more porn consumption and 39 percent say it is too early to tell. Meanwhile, 18 percent polled say the arrival of 4K Ultra HD won't revitalize the business.

Naughty America now joins other adult distributors offering 4K content. Those studios include, Jay Allan Productions and