Offers Innovative Approach to Adult Entertainment

Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — is poised to release the latest in its line of revolutionary websites, with the all new — a Facebook-like portal for porn consumers that provides access to free videos, photo galleries, targeted offers and more.

The new site is set for a slow rollout, with new site sections added every few weeks, as the portal progresses in its evolution towards becoming an iTunes-like platform where content creators and suppliers can earn money from the site, while visitors benefit, too.

The mission of the site’s publisher is to develop a higher standard for adult entertainment, starting afresh from the ground up, with the guidance of consumers and industry leaders.

According to veteran industry entrepreneur and MyPorn founder Rick M, when he tells someone that he is in the Internet porn business, the common reaction he receives is, “Wow, there’s a lot of money in porn.”

“My common reaction back is ‘How much have you spent on porn lately?’” Rick tells XBIZ, adding that “While the rest of the Internet is one upping each other with new innovation and record-breaking profits, the adult business has watched itself slowly bleed on itself.”

The solution, he says, is to re-master the art of an honest sale, so that new products and innovation will naturally follow.

“With tubes absolutely cornering new traffic and rightfully retaining them, webmasters have settled on adapting to a counterproductive machine,” Rick notes. “My position in this biz has always been working toward making an honest sale. It’s where I started in 1997, and it’s led me to this point 17 years later. I simply can’t stray from that.”

He believes shortcuts and a quick-buck mentality has slowed innovation and weakened consumer confidence, calling it “the black eye of our industry that never seems to heal.”

“Bigger dick ads and unwanted pop-ups can produce short term sales, but they also direct attention/money away from the content producer, rather than educating the consumer and closing the sale,” Rick offers. “Consumers don’t know what they’re missing because the majority of great content isn’t [presented] front and center.”

Rick is a proponent of always leaving the customer wanting more, rather than simply giving them more of the same. He advocates the re-building of consumer confidence and the rewarding of producers, saying that this is part of’s 360 degree concept that will help reshape the industry’s basic foundations.

“By 360, I mean a seamless connection that starts from the moment a user finds a free video or gallery that captures their attention all the way through the evolution of becoming a loyal fan and paying customer,” Rick explains. “Entice them with free previews, empower them with the tools to follow/interact with their favorites, educate them with honest reviews (and trust reports), and eventually convert the sale while building long-term loyalty.”

The website is currently in preview mode and accepting consumer invite submissions while building early partnerships with content producers.

“I’m excited and grateful to develop something I believe in this much,” Rick concluded. “This is a lot of fun, and I hope it inspires others to do the same.”