Coco Brown Preps for Space Travel — Again

Lila Gray

NEW YORK — Former adult actress Coco Brown says she will be finally be heading to space in 2015 as the next Space Expedition Corp trainee.

Brown is shelling out $100,000 to train for a March 2015 flight, The Washington Times reported. The aircraft will depart from Curacao and will return an hour and a half later.  

“I saw the movie ‘Space Camp’ when I was a kid,” she said. “I always wanted to get closer to the stars — or be a star.”

Brown (AKA Honey Love) performed in 40-plus porno flicks, but retired ten years ago before moving to Germany and kickstarting her music career.

“People to this day think I’m still doing movies,” Brown said. “I still look like I did in my films, thank you, and maybe because I’m the only chocolate girl in porn in Germany.”

She added that she will be heading to NYC Jan. 14 to celebrate with a “launch” party.

Whether or not the ex-starlet will make it to space this year is up for debate. She intended to catch a flight in March of last year, but never made it into orbit.  

Space Expedition Corp. is a private company not affiliated with the government. Insisting that space is “no longer the exclusive domain for institutions like NASA and ESA,” the company promotes an interaction between private entities and the cosmos.