Williams Trading Now Carrying Ohmibod’s Lovelife Collection

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — Williams Trading Co. announced that Ohmibod's Lovelife collection, is now available for immediate shipping.

According to the company, the product line was inspired by the love story of its creators, Brian and Suki.

The 40 year veteran distributor of the adult industry says the decision to bring in the new line was based on several key elements of its marketability.

"For starters the packaging looks great; it's classic and luxurious,” the company said. “Each vibe is distinct, but consistent in its color and texture. We love the Lovelife message of the seven different components of a loving relationship. Coming off of the holiday season in particular, is when customers gravitate towards warm and positive advertising. We also think this is happening culturally in general, with adult novelties becoming increasingly more mainstream, and people forming overall more progressive views on sexuality."

The Lovelife Collection is marketable for its “emotive themes” derived from product names such as Adventure, Cuddle, Dream, Smile, Discover, Share and Flex. T For the “more practical buyer,” the appeal will be in the functionality of the toy, the company said.

Each vibrator features seven powerful, adjustable pulsations, and the Flex kegel weights come in three gradual sizes, to help strengthen and train. All of the items in the line (except for the Flex) also come with their own USB charging accessories.

"Some love stories inspire movies, music or even art. This one sparked a high-end line of adult novelties and vibrators," the company says. "Frankly, this is a great contribution to couples everywhere. There is sincerity and heart in what Brian and Suki have created."