Sportsheets Adds New Crop Designs for Premium, S&M Brands

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Sportsheets has expanded its line of crops with eight new designs.

With five SKUs made using authentic cowhide leather and three with a vegan leather alternative, Sportsheets’ new crop collection ranges from introductory to intense stinging.

“We’ve seen popularity of sexual spanking ‘cropping’ up in media and research reports, which have confirmed something that our industry has known for years: men, women and couples like their tushes tapped,” Sportsheets President Julie Stewart said. “It helps relieve stress and even improves intimacy and trust between couples, so we put together a high-quality series of crops to make erotic spanking even more fun. Choose from a variety of shapes and styles with leather-free options for our customers who prefer to keep their sex lives vegan.”

Sportsheets has added the cowhide leather Attitude Adjuster, Motivator, Seducer and Thriller to the Premium Collection.

The Attitude Adjuster features a long shaft with a wide looped end for heightened sound and sensation. The Motivator features a shortened shaft, extra-firm grip and elongated impact zone for precise contact. The Seducer has a Y-shaped leather end for a quick sting and a long shaft for greater motion. Thriller features a crystal-wrapped handle with a secure wrist strap and slim loop on the end.

The Sex & Mischief range has added the faux leather Crystal Whip, Slender Impulse, Queen of Hearts and Romantic Sting. The Crystal Whip is a slender black whip tail adorned with a single strand of clear crystals. The Slender Impulse features a long and sleek profile with a curved grip and wrist strap. The Queen of Hearts features a red shaft, black grip and red heart-shaped tip. The Romantic Sting features a wide elongated tip.

“Our customers know what they like, and they love our crops,” Stewart said. “We listened to requests for new and different styles and came up with eight new selections priced for mass consumer appeal. Our crops complement stores’ fantasy and lingerie sections and are BDSM section essentials with sexy and enticing packaging that attracts shoppers from across the room.”

For ordering and information, please call (714) 698-0877 or email a sales representative.