Woman Turns 'Orgasms Into Presents'

ESSEX, U.K. — Amy Kingston, a student and department store clerk, said she took on an extra job as a sex toy tester to buy her family the Christmas gifts of their dreams. There may be a subtle “Gift of the Magi” lesson to be learned here.  

The 20-year-old, who says she has always had a hearty sex drive, was shopping for a new vibrator on LoveHoney.co.uk when she came upon an ad seeking customers to review toys for money. She applied, was hired and became a popular contributor after only a few weeks.  

"Initially, I was being sent about two or three toys a week and I couldn't stop smiling when my mum asked why I was having so many parcels delivered,” Kingston told Reveal.

As her reviews increased in popularity, she began receiving more toys and earning more money. She now earns around £250 a month.

"I can't wait to see all of my friends' and family's faces when they open their presents. I've really gone to town," Kingston said. "They don't know about my saucy new job and I'll never tell them. I can't imagine my granny's face if she knew I'd paid for her posh new fur hat and shearling gloves by reviewing sex toys."

So far, she has spent her sex toy “research” cash on perfumes, designer shirts and jewellery for her family and boyfriend.