Erica Fontes Named Google's 'Most Searched Celebrity' in Portugal

LOS ANGELES — Erica Fontes, the reigning XBIZ Female Foreign Performer of the Year, has been named Google's "most searched celebrity" in her native country of Portugal, edging out Kim Kardashian and sports icon Cristiano Ronaldo.

The unique honor this week has made national news in Portugal, where Fontes' No. 1 status has been noted by numerous media outlets ranging from newspapers to radio to TV.

"I think this is fantastic, because being in the first place in a list super famous people like the player Cristiano Ronaldo and Kim Kardashian at the annual Google searches in Portugal is a matter of great happiness for me and I'm very proud," Fontes told XBIZ.

Fontes said that Google annually identifies the top searches per country in various pop-culture categories, including music, TV programs, films, celebrities and sports teams. Ronaldo, who is also Portuguese, is known globally as the star forward for Real Madrid and captain of the Portuguese national team. Portugal's Top 10 list of celebrity searches also included Kate Middleton, Kristen Stewart and Angelina Jolie.

"Because I was in first place in Portugal Google search and Cristiano Ronaldo was the second Portuguese most searched, this was a real bomb," Fontes added.

The performer, who is the first adult film star to hail from Portugal, recently published a book titled "Of Body and Soul" about her life in and outside of the porn business. 

"I'm in negotiations to possibly have my own TV show, where I will talk about the porn industry," Fontes revealed. "And about top movies, actors and entertaining. I'm going to keep on filming porn."

She intends to travel to Los Angeles to shoot in January.