Google Updates URL Removal Tool

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Google today announced that it has improved tools for removing a page from search results or cache on a third-party website.

The tool is designed to alert Google that a page has been deleted, had robots.txt added, or the content has been changed. It is particularly useful for sites like revenge porn sites or mugshot sites, which need removals in a hurry.

"You could use this tool if a page has been removed completely, or if it was just changed and you need to have the snippet and cached page removed," said John Mueller on the Google Webmaster Central Blog. "If you're the webmaster of the site, then using the Webmaster Tools URL removal feature is faster and easier."

In order to submit a request, the owner of the site must have deleted the page, blocked it from search, or changed the content. If the contents has been changed, you must submit at least one word on the page that has been removed, and that could include your name.

The cache removal feature makes sure that those who search on Google can’t see the previous version of a site with embarrassing information on it.

Additional information on Google's announcement can be viewed here.