Traffic Force Unveils Targeted Keyword Tool

NEW YORK — Traffic Force has announced the inclusion of a specific targeted keyword placement feature to give customers the “full potential” of the HostedTube publishing platform.

"We've added a great new feature for Traffic Force clients today and it also should lead to even more revenue for HostedTube publishers as well," said Ross of "Keyword targeting is something we have had high on our list since HostedTube first launched, and now it is a reality for advertisers who are interested in bringing their conversion ratios to a higher level right now."

Ross added “What makes this new feature so significant is the fact that HostedTube already offers robust content sites in virtually every niche imaginable, and the sites are guaranteed to update frequently while avoiding issues associated with third-party content because of their centralized structure. Advertisers can come go to right now to bid on precisely the traffic that best suits their products and services while HostedTube publishers in some niches may experience a rise in revenue automatically from this new traffic targeting upgrade.”

The Traffic Force database is now populated with 300 defined keywords. The listings will continue to grow as the system is customized based on customer feedback. According to company reps, the database will “learn” from the entire network of sites and add new biddable keywords for marketers as sufficient traffic becomes available to support each one properly.

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