XBIZ Rolls Out Google Glass-Optimized Site

LOS ANGELES — XBIZ is pleased to announce the rollout of its Google Glass-optimized news site developed for the groundbreaking digital eyewear technology.

In addition to providing potentially game-changing access to all that the web has to offer, Google Glass allows users to interact with their environment like never before — photographing, video recording, searching and translating the world around them. It is able to accept voice commands and to display maps and other data in response to user queries. Environmentally aware, Glass provides users “answers without having to ask.”

To access XBIZ using Google Glass, simply “Google” (search) the letters X-B-I-Z by stating each letter individually, clearly and rapidly.

“We’re rolling out this site to stay ahead of the curve because it’s not a matter of IF digital glasses will impact media delivery but WHEN,” XBIZ Senior Technology Editor Stephen Yagielowicz said. “As always, we strive to deliver our industry-leading content through as many platforms as possible.”

In respect to Google Glass’ potential impact on the world of adult entertainment, the industry is taking a wait-and-see approach; with a recent poll of XBIZ.net members revealing that just over half of the respondents (51 percent) feel it is too early to determine the future of Google Glass, while 35 percent believe it is hype. A further 13 percent do not believe the technology to be mere hype.

Earlier this year, XBIZ and MiKandi teamed up to produce “the world’s first Glass Porn,” starring adult films stars James Deen and Andy San Dimas. The parody video which has received millions of views on YouTube, highlights Glass’ potential for point-of-view production.

Attendees of the upcoming XBIZ 360 events series will have the opportunity to attend an exclusive demonstration of Google Glass, as MiKandi presents a special workshop examining the groundbreaking device’s adult entertainment applications.