Italian Sex Toy Vending Machine Sparks Controversy

CASARA, Italy — A sex toy, contraceptive and lingerie vending machine has caused quite a stir in the small northeastern Italian town of Casara, where the kiosk was recently installed on a train platform.

Billed as a 24-hour "automatic shop," the sleek-looking vending machine offers, amongst other things, vibrators, love balls, gels, condoms and a selection of sexy underwear to the all-ages passers-by of Casara, causing some irate parents to demand its removal.

One parent commented, "I agree with the condoms vending machine. Condoms help to prevent sexual transmissible diseases and it's right that our children can use them. But sex toys are too much for me.”

A protest against the vending machine is now in the works.

The company that owns the vending machine hasn’t yet bowed to the pressure, noting that it has received no other complaints regarding identical machines placed in other train stations around the country.

"We agree to take off the machine if also other cities where we positioned the same machine will ask us,” a spokesperson from the company said. “But for the moment Casarsa is the only city to protest for this."