S.C. Town Loses Its Last Adult Store

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Taboo, Columbia’s last-standing adult shop, is shuttering after the city decided not to extend its business license.

Jeff White, owner of Taboo, said he will be putting up “store closing” signs today and notifying his four employees.

"I'm closing my doors. I have to tell my employees they will be out of a job Dec. 31, and I am moving away from the city of Columbia because I am so frustrated,” White told ABC Columbia. “If they want me to fold, I will fold."

Taboo opened two years ago and was granted a business license by the Columbia City Council before officials quickly changed the city’s law to make the store’s location illegal.

The city extended White’s business license one year to allow him recoup his investment, but voted not to extend it again after a hearing was held yesterday. A hearing officer determined that White did indeed have sufficient time to recoup his investment and did not provide evidence of financial hardship, which was required to extend his license.    

"We are tired of being bullied by the City of Columbia and have no further comment," White said.

White said he is having difficulties finding a new locale in the Columbia area where he can reopen.