XBIZ 360 Pleasure Products, Retail Sessions Announced

LOS ANGELES — XBIZ is pleased to announce the full lineup of sessions set for the Pleasure Products and Retail conferences, which will kick off the XBIZ 360 seven-event series on Jan 22.

Bringing together experts from the realm of pleasure products and retail for an in-depth look at their respective sectors, the conference duo will explore the latest trends and the future of the marketplace with two distinct seminar schedules.

Scheduled for Jan. 22-25, XBIZ 360 will bring together industry executives and entrepreneurs from around the world to explore the future of the multibillion-dollar adult industry.

With a complete take-over of the extraordinary W Hollywood Hotel, the 2014 edition of XBIZ 360 is set to be the most all-encompassing trade show in adult industry history, culminating with the industry’s awards event of the year — the 2014 XBIZ Awards show, presented by Fleshlight and hosted by adult movie legend Jenna Jameson as master of ceremonies.


The XBIZ 360 Pleasure Products Conference will provide expert insights from the sex toy industry’s most influential company heads and executives. The event will cover essential topics and issues relevant to the rapidly expanding industry, including design and tech innovations, sexual wellness, as well as the luxury market. Conference sessions include:

On the Cutting Edge: Pleasure Products Design & Tech Innovations 

Creativity in sex toy product development is at an all-time high with groundbreaking designs and technologies coming to the forefront at a rapid pace. Innovations such as 3D printing and sonic technology, along with a growing slate of additional engineering advancements, are changing the way we think about sex toys. This session will cover all of the latest and upcoming trends in pleasure product design and technology.  Join our panel of top industry trailblazers as we explore the hottest trends in sex toy design.

High-End Appeal: Pleasure Products’ Tipping Point   

The success of high-end, luxury pleasure products proves that when it comes to sexual gratification, money is no object. Gracing the shelves of high-end retailers, hotel rooms and the pages of popular magazines, luxury sex toys reflect a lofty lifestyle that today’s celeb-obsessed culture can’t resist. Join our panel of leaders from the opulent world of luxury pleasure products as we delve into the mind of the high-end consumer.

Pushing Awareness: Sexual Health and Sex Toy Sales

The curious coupling of sex toys and health is nothing new in our society. From the early outlandish treatment for “hysteria,” to more modern treatments for gynecological conditions and prostate disorders, sexual wellness is increasingly being legitimized by respected health pros. Explore the overlap between sex toy marketing and health advocacy with our esteemed panel of wellness experts.

The Future of Pleasure Products

Peek into the future of the dynamic pleasure products marketplace through the trained eyes of the industry’s leaders. This comprehensive forecast will spotlight the coming trends and opportunities for the New Year and beyond. Join our panel of industry vets and visionaries as we create a blueprint for the future of pleasure products.

Keynote: Miroslav Slavic, LELO

Miroslav Slavic, the driving force behind LELO — the Stockholm-based quintessential brand in luxury pleasure products, will take the stage at XBIZ 360 for an exclusive keynote presentation. The session will provide an up-close look at LELO’s “decade of pleasure” and give a telling forecast of the future of the pleasure products market. Join us for this intimate speaking engagement featuring the chief behind one of the world’s top pleasure products brands.


The XBIZ 360 Retail Conference will provide tactical business information and address the key issues that contribute to the evolution of adult retail. A-list retailers will be on hand to share their challenges and solutions to the most critical of today’s business issues in sessions that cover the latest trends driving commerce, education in retail, and how adult retailers are competing against mainstream outlets. Conference sessions include:

 Adult vs. Mainstream Outlets: The Growing Competition for Shoppers

As adult products become increasingly part of pop culture — spotlighted in national media, and sought after as perfect “couples gifts” —adult retailers need to attract and engage everyday shoppers like never before. Competing with the likes of national chain stores, pharmacies and e-commerce giants that now stock vibrators and bondage gear, today’s merchants require a much more dynamic strategy. Explore front-line retailers’ plans for the year ahead in this must-attend seminar.

Online Retail – Trends in E-commerce: 2014 and Beyond

The ever-growing world of online retail has adopted “adult goods” as its own, bolstered by a growing post-recession marketplace that embraces nearly every type of product imaginable.  Consumer demand and buying is at an all-time high and savvy retailers need to know how to adapt and think on their feet more than ever. Join our panel of trailblazing e-commerce experts as this thought-provoking and informative session looks at what’s just around the curve for every facet of online retail for 2014 and beyond.

Sex Ed: A New Competitive Advantage for Adult Retail

Today’s consumers are hungry for expert information about every aspect of purchasing adult products from vibrators to e-books, and often turn to their local retailers to impart first-hand information and never-before available sex-positive education. This dynamic session covers how progressive adult retailers are gaining a competitive edge by offering this unique type of education, and how the new breed of sales staff can be expertly trained to meet the increasing demand.

 The Future of Adult Retail

Adult products are all the rage among nearly every consumer demographic as evidenced by new erotic books, a myriad of celebrity product endorsements, constant media attention and cutting-edge technologies and engineering developments designed to enhance sexual pleasure. Join our panel of retail visionaries whose combined experience details a blueprint for “what’s next?” and how the retail sector can profit in this forward-thinking forecast of coming trends.

Keynote: Joel Kaminsky, Good Vibrations

Pioneer, and progressive thinker, Joel Kaminsky, has used his marketing expertise and leadership skills to build San Francisco-based Good Vibrations into one of the industry’s finest brick-and-mortar and online retail destinations. Join Kaminsky in this provocative keynote presentation as he charts his personal course to success and shares how he’s molded his company into a leading retail brand and champion of sex-positive social conscience.

In addition, XBIZ 360 will feature related conferences tailored to the retail and pleasure products markets — providing the most comprehensive showcase of industry insights ever presented. Sessions scheduled for those conferences will be forthcoming.

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