Star-Advertising Introduces New Mobile Retargeting Options

LUXEMBOURG — StarEdition has launched new retargeting options for its advertisers on its mobile advertising network, Star-Advertising.

Advertisers can now decide exactly what audience they want to reach, including those interested in video products, livecam sessions, dating offers, coaching services and/or male enhancement pills, the company said in a release.  

“When we think about mobile advertising, of course we talk about the devices themselves, but it also means that it’s a whole different e-commerce behavior,” said Alex Lecomte, marketing manager at StarEdition. “This is why we are thrilled to offer an interesting retargeting option to our clients; being able to profile users to the maximum is the base of a wise marketing investment.”

StarEdition released three options for its advertisers to measure performance and optimize online campaigns:

The “Tracking code” immediately informs customers about their performance.

Available through each advertiser account, tracking scripts gives clients the ability to count their leads and the corresponding actions they performed. This option allows customers to directly monitor their campaign’s goals so they can adjust their media buy investment.

“Goals retargeting” gets media buyers closer to their final consumers, the company said in a release. When they create a campaign, Star-Advertising customers can now choose if they want to retarget their audience (i.e., end-users who have already visited their landing page, subscribed to their product or performed any specific action on their mobile site.)

The ad network also allows advertisers to combine different retargeting filters for the same campaign, helping them find an ideal lead.

“Global behavioral retargeting” selects users based on their general online behavior. Aside from being able to retarget a campaign audience or new visitors, the platform reintroduces global behavioral retargeting based on market categories. 

“As a former affiliate company, we really understand our clients,” said Antoine Moreau, CEO and founder of StarEdition. “We want to provide our users with the best media buy experience and, above all, with the best results. I am happy to offer this precious help to our partners. I know we are [one of the] very few traffic companies in the industry to do it.”

Star-Advertising is a self-service platform where users can buy and/or sell mobile banners, pop-unders, redirects and interstitials around the world. 

Launched two years ago, the ad network deals with key adult traffic sources, including Redtube, Pornhub, Megasesso, Youporn, Youjizz and Yuvutu.