Marc Dorcel Launches for Women

PARIS — Leading European production company Marc Dorcel has launched, an adult website “for women, by women.”

The site showcases more than 100 adult films and scenes, supplemented by articles, interviews and tips created by a team composed of women at ease with their sexuality, the company said.

According to reps at Marc Dorcel, studies have evinced that there is demand for such a site, pointing to a survey that found 80 percent of women reported having watched an adult flick, with 20 percent responding that they watch porn “often.”

Dorecelle's editorial staff is comprised of women from the Dorcel team, journalists, porn actresses and sex columnists, such as U.S. porn star Katsuni and former actress Coralie Trinh Thi.

The contributors feed sections pertaining to porn, including features, news (cultural, unusual, events), tips, shopping (sales, exclusive offers), interviews and film reviews and recommendations.

Movies and scenes available on’s web TVOD platform were selected based on information gleaned by the IFOP’s survey conducted exclusively for Marc Dorcel, as well as another led by “L'Imparfaite,” the erotic Paris Institute of Political Studies student magazine.

The IFOP study revealed that women preferred realistic sex scenes (35 percent), natural looking actors (40 percent) and underscored the quality of the script (37 percent) as well as the attractiveness of the actors (35 percent).

According to “L'Imparfaite's” study, girls do not particularly expect less explicitness, more dialog or better aesthetics, but deplore a lack of realism.

“Women therefore want to masturbate, exactly like men do,” a Marc Dorcel rep said in a release. “They want to talk about sex, freely, without having to use the medical angle,” which inspired to create

To check out the IFOP/Marc Dorcel study on women and pornography, click HERE.