WoodRocket Releases Rob Ford Celeb Sex Tape Parody

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — WoodRocket.com has released what it calls the most controversial (faux) celebrity sex tape of time — “The Rob Ford Sex Tape – A Parody.”

As the world eagerly awaits the video of the disgraced mayor of Toronto putting some crack in his pipe, WoodRocket has taken it a step further with a video of Ford putting his pipe in some crack.

From director Lee Roy Myers, comes a porn satire in which an imagined Ford AKA Mayor of Partying-Hard (and Toronto) hangs out with his buddies and celebrates how awesome politics can be with drugs, alcohol, ketchup chips and an Asian prostitute played by Gaia.

“As a Canadian, it fills me with great pride and extreme politeness to be able to share with you how I view our mayor gone wild,” Myers joked. “In my opinion, his use of crack-cocaine and booze probably pales in comparison to a heavy duty, porno-style, red-faced sex-addiction. I am sorry if this offends anyone.”

Peter O’Tool Plays Ford and Anthony Rosano plays Ford’s penis.

To watch “The Rob Ford Sex Tape - A Parody” free on WoodRocket.com, click here.

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