Sex-Positive Dating, Social Network Launches

DENVER — A new sex-positive social network and dating site,, recently launched its online community.

According to the company, the purpose of the online community is so “sexually open-minded people can make social connections through the freedom of expressing interest in sex culture, adult lifestyles and exploring kinky relationships as a healthy aspect of internet dating in modern society.”

"We are crossing the boundary between what is considered normal sexual activity with the growing interest in expressing ourselves as sexual creatures, not just in pop culture and media, in our relationships, lifestyles, interaction and how we relate to each other," said Cory Irish, CEO of "Our attitudes around sex and what is open-minded or kinky is becoming less taboo then it was, and more people are wanting to open their sex lives and personal relationships to new things and new ways of thinking that aren't typical of traditional beliefs."

The company says that the majority popular mainstream dating and social network sites — such as, and are too “vanilla” for some, and offer little information about its members’ sexual interests and attitudes.
“Niche dating websites that focus on alternative lifestyles are growing in popularity after having achieved success with a large member base, marketing avenues and generated revenue,” the company said in a press release, citing’s swingers community, and online BDSM and fetish communities like and cater to fetish interests.

“However, claims to be a social network for ‘kinksters’ and not a dating site,” the company said. “Worldwide corporate sex sites, including, are primarily focused on sexual encounters without any extensive social networking capability and generally have a substantial monthly fee to pursue those encounters. While providing outlets for specific lifestyles or interests, these websites lack wide acceptance of the larger community that supports free sexual expression wherever an individual rates on the kinky scale.”

Irish also said, "We continue to evolve in all aspects of our lives and sex is a large part of that evolution, how it plays out in our lives and the desires we have and want to experience. Open relationships and non-monogamous lifestyles are more popular than ever. Casual dating is becoming more acceptable in society especially with women. Experimental sex is more interesting to people and the stigmas around kink or multiple partners has more curiosity than I have seen before which is evident in popular television shows. There still remains a big question of where you can find people who are looking for the same thing. We want to bridge that gap and encourage free sexual expression and acceptance of who we naturally are while appreciating the diversity in everyone and having fun doing it. That's what is perfectly normal." offers popular social networking features such as activity posting and commenting, personal profiles and various ways of creating and sharing an open dialogue. The company says it currently has more than 700 registered members, and future plans include a mobile site and a mobile rendezvous application that connects people locally.