JOPEN Introduces 'Essence Collection'

LOS ANGELES — JOPEN has announced the release of its "Essence Collection" of personal care cosmetics.

The company said the luxury line, made in the U.S., is free of harsh chemicals and has never been tested on animals.

“Everyone who’s seen Essence has fallen in love with this incredibly lavish range,” Susan Colvin, President and CEO of JOPEN, said. “We took extra care in selecting the finest, most natural, body-friendly ingredients. You can tell the difference immediately when you use an Essence product for the first time — it looks and feels amazing.”

The Essence Collection includes Elevate, a G-Spot arousal crème with a peppermint extract helps stimulate blood flow to the G-Spot. Safflower seed oil helps lubricate and soften the sensitive erogenous zone. There’s also Excite, an arousal gel for her with cocoa extract that helps stimulate the clitoris while ginger root extract assists with blood flow. The rich, thick gel stays in place and is easy to use.

Satisfy is an arousal gel for him. The powerful combination of Argnine and Ginger extract is the key to helping improve circulation by relaxing blood vessels.

Strength is a male prolong crème with love flower oil as the active ingredient to help vitality. Shea butter and almond oil offer a smooth, sensual application.

Also included is Gratify, an oral pleasure gel that’s made with natural ingredients, so there’s no flavor. Gratify uses menthyl lactate for a cooling effect and can be used to arouse the clitoris, penis, nipples, and other sensitive spots with a unique tingling sensation.

The collection also features Rejuvenate, that controls moisture in personal areas for either him or her. Use as an all-over body antiperspirant to feel more comfortable during intimate moments. Tapioca starch helps maintain desired amounts of body perspiration in the most delicate areas. Aloe leaf juice offers soothing properties.

Satin is a personal moisturizer that can be used with a lover, during solo play or with pleasure toys. Water-based for universal appeal, Satin feels silky-soft and is safe for nearly any purpose. Also included is Lavish, a personal moisturizer lubricant that’s silicone-based and can be used with a lover, during solo play or with pleasure toys. Silicone-based means it feels rich, silky and luxurious against the skin. Aloe and vitamin E make it soothing. Lavish is made with pure silicone, so it is safe for use with pure silicone pleasure toys such as Vanity, KEY, ENVY, LUST and EGO by JOPEN.

Also in the line is Relaxer, a luxury anal lubricant. Ginger root helps relax muscles for tranquil yet courageous anal explorations. Renew is a luxury toy cleaner that helps keep pleasure products like new. Water-based, Renew is infused with lavender and tea tree oil which both have natural cleansing attributes.

Indulgence, a massage oil infused with chamomile and rosemary includes four oils: olive fruit, jojoba, sesame, and grape seed oil which make it live up to its name. Sooth is a massage oil, as well that’s . infused with peppermint and rosemary. It also features four oils: olive fruit, jojoba, sesame, and grape seed oil which make any massage feeling soothing.

“Essence is made for people who expect more from the products they put against their skin. Quality ingredients and a two year shelf-life provides users with many nights of pleasure,” Vice President Jackie White, said.

All Essence products are parben-free, Ph-balanced, mineral-free, petroleum-free, hypoallergenic, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, flavor-free, sugar-free, phosphate-free and fragrance-free.

JOPEN said the products come in bottles inspired by high-end perfumes that ensure stability.

“We understand how important it is for retailers to find ways to promote new lines. That’s why we made Essence easy to display. Retailers can customize a table-top display with whichever Essence products they’d like to feature,” Brand Manager Robin Stewart, said.

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