Grooby Accepts Bitcoin as Payment for Memberships

BURBANK, Calif. — Grooby Productions has announced that it will now accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for membership to its network of websites.

"We're experimenting with Bitcoins to enable those living in countries we're currently unable to bill for, access to the websites," explained Steven Grooby, owner of Grooby. "We've identified a high amount of traffic coming from countries where the unavailability of credit cards and other obstacles block our customers from joining our sites.

“The system is also very easy and intuitive to use. In our first weeks of testing, we've had joins from North America and Asia and we aim to create language-specific join pages in the coming weeks."

Grooby added that users of Bitcoin can achieve a greater amount of anonymity by avoiding records of adult purchases on their credit cards, something he think will “appeal to many.”

Bitcoin is an alternative “cryptocurrency” that was created in 2008. Based on peer-to-peer technology, it operates with no central authority or banks. In recent months, there has been much speculation about the success and potentially integral role Bitcoin and similar currencies will play in shaping the online marketplace.   

Grooby says it currently offers a variety of payment options to accommodate members from around the world. For more information about Grooby, visit