MunkeyBarz Launches New Fetish Belt

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — MunkeyBarz announced today the release of its new "Mistress C.-inspired" fetish belt.

According to the company, the MunkeyBarz fetish belt can be used to cuff, tie or aid in suspension techniques for the adventurous user and his or her partner.  

The new belt is only available in black and comes equipped with 5 D-rings. Each belt is accompanied by a set of restraining cuffs that can be used together with the belt or separately.  

The D-rings are located in front and behind the handlebars, as well as in the center of the belt, giving the user ample possibilities for restraining their partner, the company said. The belt can also be worn in reverse for even more position permutations.

“I really enjoy the control of the original MunkeyBarz belt, but this fetish belt is a whole new level of control,” MunkeyBarz CEO Mike Beadle said. “Not only control of the pelvis, harder thrust and deeper penetration, as with the original belt, but now you can use all of these new accessories to
restrain, too. I think with its functionality and its many uses, this new belt could be considered the ‘Swiss army knife of the bedroom.”  

The new fetish belt, available in sizes small, medium and large, is priced at $119, but is currently being offered for an introductory price of $99 on the MunkeyBarz website.

MunkeyBarz announced that it will be launching a new fetish line in the next few weeks and will offer a fetish bundle option on the website. The company will also be launching a MunkeyBarz fetish site for the upcoming fetish product line that will focus on fetish-related products only.