Immoral Productions Releases 'Do Brunettes Do it Better?'

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Immoral Productions has released “Do Brunettes Do It Better?” as a response to the studio’s tendency to spotlight other hair colors in the spectrum, including red heads and blondes, despite their low occurrence in the population at large.  

“It was brought to my attention that four percent of the U.S. population has red hair and 16 percent has blonde, yet my company has a series dedicated to each of them,” Immoral Productions Owner Dan Leal said. “Anna Morna asked me, ‘What about the silent majority of brunettes? Why didn’t I do a series dedicated to brunettes and let the viewers decide, ‘Do brunettes do it better?'' That is how this new series came to be.”

Cover model and muse Morna, Sky Light, Shelley Starr and Cytherea star in the first volume of “Do Brunettes Do It Better?” giving fans the opportunity to decide whether or not brown haired girls have superior sexual skills.    

“I feel honored that I inspired the guys at Immoral Productions to do a series dedicated to us brunettes,” said Morna, who hooks up with Travis Varjak in the film.

Viewers looking for comparative content can check out Immoral’s previous hair-themed series, “Red on the Head, Fire in Bed” and Do Blondes Have More Fun?”

“Do Brunettes Do It Better?” is distributed by Pure Play Media. Contact Mike at or 954-903-3347 for further details and ordering information.