B. Skow Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary with Girlfriends Films

VALENCIA, Calif. — Veteran director B. Skow has reached the one year anniversary of his distribution and directing deals with Girlfriends Films.

Signed last fall to produce Girlfriends Films’ first-ever boy/girl titles, as well as lesbian features and vignettes, Girlfriends said that Skow’s provocative films have led to an increase in DVD sales.

“Whether it’s a scripted film or vignette feature, B. Skow always approaches the project the same way: with integrity and enthusiasm,” said Dan O’Connell, Girlfriends Films owner. “He works relentlessly in the pursuit of artistic expression, spending hours perfecting something most others would overlook. And, while he enjoys creating controversial stories about outcast characters, he always does so realistically and with respect for his viewers.”

Producing boy/girl features under the Skow for Girlfriends Films label, Skow made his debut for the studio last year with the relationship drama “Voila.” He has since released four more scripted features, including, “Paint,” “Truth Be Told,” “Homecoming,” “What Do You Want Me to Say?” and, most recently, “Daddy’s Girls.”

“I like that he avoids the too-cute, quickly-produced, goofy stuff you find in the dollar bins,” O’Connell continued. “Skow’s work is laced with dry humor that is very entertaining, but never detracts from the movie’s eroticism.”

In addition to his oft-controversial features for Girlfriends Films, Skow has shot and written 24 lesbian themed titles and introduced four new series: “Bad Lesbians,” “Lesbian Love Stories,” “Secret Lesbian Diaries” and “Sisters.”

In an interview this month with XBIZ, Skow discusses his attraction to dark, often taboo themes, and explains why “they’re so damn interesting.” To read the interview, click here.

Skow told XBIZ, “I try to stay away from stuff that is generic, like a generic love story or something you’d see on Lifetime. I like making the kind of movies you want to watch in your basement — something you may feel guilty watching. Our movies are more about why this is happening; why are they fucking like this? What’s causing it and what happens from it?”

Skow says he will continue to push adult’s creative boundaries with the fall release of “Southern Hospitality” and “Conjoined.” Backwoods bootlegging and polygamy take center stage in “Southern Hospitality,” while “Conjoined” tells the tale of twin sisters joined at the hip.

According to Girlfriends Films Vice President Moose, Skow has tapped into an underserved marketplace. “There are, it turns out, a large and growing number of consumers looking for adult entertainment that stimulates both mentally and sexually,” he said. “They want more than a parody of a familiar movie or show. They want a story that is thought-provoking and titillating — an adult movie for adults. The proof is in the sales, and they’re through the roof.”