Swedish Appeals Court Cuts Penalty for Posting Sex Video Online

STOCKHOLM — A Swedish appeals court this month has cut the  penalty imposed on a young man who posted a sex tape of his ex-girlfriend online.

Dagens Juridik, a Swedish legal publication, reported that the man told a lower court that he didn't expect the video to reach a wide audience after he taped the couple's sexual encounters.

After they broke up, the woman in the case discovered he had posted the video on user-generated porn sites.

The man, who was 17 when he dated the woman, appealed the initial fine, arguing it was too high and an appeals court agreed, saying that times have changed and that sexual openness is now accepted.

"One cannot ignore the circumstances that in not all too small circles of the population, it has with time become increasingly socially acceptable to be very open and outgoing in regard to one's sexual habits," the appeals court said.

The appeals court cut the man's penalty from $20,300 to $4,900. Both amounts included $950 for pain and suffering. He also was ordered to perform community service.