XXXJay Parts Ways With Pornstar Platinum, OCCash

LOS ANGELES — Jason Quinlan, the veteran web-tech executive better known as "XXXJay," announced Thursday he has parted ways with his longtime partners and is now a free agent.

Quinlan helped to create and build Pornstar Platinum, OCCash, OC Modeling, Lords Of Porn and FreshChecks. He reached an agreement with his partners to be bought out of his share of the businesses.

"The partners had different visions for the future of the companies, and decided to go in a different direction," Quinlan said. "I wish them the best in new ventures and current business."

He continued, "Do I wish theme continued success? Yes. As an integral part of building these programs and brands, I truly do. They are my legacy. Would one want to leave behind a legacy of failure or success? The latter, I hope."

Quinlan said he doesn't view this change as “doors closing," rather he sees it as “my future is bright and you can do whatever the fuck I want."

"Fact is, I built all of these companies (and previously JQMEDIA aka Jay's XXX Links) from struggling upstarts to successful businesses without the aid of much cash," he said. "I did it with ingenuity, experience, and hard work. I kept them in business and healthy for years past where most with their same business model had folded by keeping in-house traffic high.

"I’ve never ripped anyone off and sold out for a profit every time. I’m not growing a third hand to pat myself on the back, bu that’s a good track record, right? I’ve done this three times. I can do it again."

Quinlan said he is eager to move on to the next phase in his career, noting he is accomplished in areas of traffic, SEO, affiliates, social media, business development, PR & marketing, among other skills.

"I’m here, just waiting for the next opportunity to strike," he said. "Email me:"