KEY by JOPEN Partners With Harvard's Sex Week

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — JOPEN, the luxury pleasure product brand, has announced it is partnering with Harvard University’s Sex Week for the second year in a row. The company is donating products from the popular KEY Collection that will be distributed to attendees of the workshops during Sex Week.

Harvard’s Sex Week is coordinated by the Sexual Health and Education and Advocacy Throughout Harvard (SHEATH) group. A recognized student-run organization, the group promotes programming that provides a holistic understanding of sex and sexuality.

Ben Martin, co-president of SHEATH, remarked, "Harvard’s Sex Week features a wide variety of events that revolve around love, sex, gender, sexual health, dating, and relationships. Sexual wellness has always been a major theme of Sex Week so we're very excited to partner with JOPEN to help educate students and introduce them to new products. KEY by JOPEN is the perfect line for us to demonstrate at our Sex Toy Workshop and give away to many lucky students. We’re immensely thankful for JOPEN’s continued support.”

There are several different events schedule for the week including Sex Ed 101, Gender 101, Kink 101, as well as a Sexual Health Career Panel/Jobs and Internship Fair.

“JOPEN is a company that promotes positive sexual attitudes and we believe that education and information are vital for young people to have,” said Susan Colvin, president and CEO of JOPEN. “We salute SHEATH and are proud to help them in their mission to raise awareness during Harvard Sex Week.”

KEY is made by JOPEN, a luxury pleasure product company that uses only premium materials and top-quality motors. Form and function are the cornerstones of all JOPEN designs, the company said, and creating "elegant, body-safe products that contribute to greater intimate pleasure is JOPEN’s primary mission."

Harvard Sex Week starts Sunday and continues through Oct. 26. Attendance is estimated to be approximately 2000. For more information visit the Harvard Sex Week’s website.