Coquette to Show Spring/Summer 2014 Line at LA Fashion Week

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario — Canadian lingerie manufacturer Coquette International is scheduled to show its spring/summer 2014 line on the runways at LA Fashion Week Oct. 17.

Coquette will be part of one of the finale runway events during Fashion Minga, held at Exchange LA.

Fashion Minga began in 2009 and is an event that brings together designers and performers to celebrate the various components of fashion. The evening sees buyers from major department stores and boutiques, to national media outlets that showcase the event in their fashion week coverage.

Each designer brings along their fashions that are unique in comparison to the other designers walking the show. This ensures the event has fashion diversity and creates a well-rounded fashion experience for all those in attendance.

Fashion Minga brings together designers of various styles for fashion diversity and a well-rounded fashion experience.  Prior to each designer showcase, performers will be on stage to show off their talents and introduce the next show.

“This is our debut show at fashion week and we are extremely excited to have our designs go down the runway,” said Marcus Horea, vice president of sales and marketing. “We can't wait to see our models walk fashion week, and the performance that introduces Coquette is going to be quite spectacular.”

Not able to say at this time what the actual performance is, Horea did mention that the performers will be wearing Coquette apparel.

“Showing at LA Fashion Week is a testament to how far we have come as a lingerie company,” national sales manager Dave George said. “Our brand has grown exponentially, and it is only fitting that our lingerie be up there with the rest of the top designers.”

Fashion Minga has seating available to the public, and those interested in attending can purchase them at For more information about Coquette, its collections, and upcoming events, visit