Live Cam Model Discusses Stripping for Strangers

Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES — A former adult live cam model's story on camming for dollars was posted this week on fashion, style and beauty website

The live cam model wrote about her days online stripping and masturbating under the name Abigail Fox, explaining how she entered the industry after seeing an advertisement on Craigslist while living in Los Angeles in 2009.

Fox's story on Refinery29, titled "Money, Sex, & Video: My Life As A Cam-Girl," has found interest abroad, with London's Daily Mail featuring the Skype model's story on its site.

Fox jumped at the offer of earning up to $500 a day after seeing the Craigslist ad, but as the months wore on she said she started to get jaded and angry, she said.

"The manipulations necessary to get guys to pay for a session made me realize why so many girls refused to open a public chat room at all," she said. "Even my regulars, the guys who knew fake details about me, were starting to make me angry. The constant flirtation, remembering petty details about people I associated only with screennames of varying degrees of cleverness — it was all starting to wear me out."