XBIZ TV: Behind the Scenes at Sportsheets International

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XBIZ TV is pleased to present its latest episode of “XBIZ HQ,” featuring a behind-the-scenes look at Sportsheets International’s 17,000-square-foot headquarters and its dedicated staff.

To view Sportsheets’ “XBIZ HQ,” click here.

Cheri Poe, Sportsheets sales manager, leads the “XBIZ HQ” cameras on a tour of the company’s office where the executive and sales team — including project manager Kimberly Harding, COO Ed Hayes, executive administrator Joanne Queenin, customer service product specialist Emily Silva, and several others — are introduced.

Sportsheets’ “XBIZ HQ” episode also features founder Tom Stewart and President Julie Stewart reminiscing on the company’s early days, as well as humorous skits created by the Sportsheets team. Tom Stewart also demonstrates the process that goes into the manufacturing of an impression paddle, which is among the many products manufactured onsite.

“XBIZ HQ” is a slick, multi-platform video series that explores the offices and production facilities of purveyors of pleasure products and adult entertainment.