NS Novelties Adds 2 New Products to Collection

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — NS Novelties has released two new products to their fall collection including the “Mischief” inflatable strapless dildo, and "Jollipops" plugs.

The company said Mischief is the only wearable, inflatable strapless dildo available on the market today. The dual ends are constructed with a soft, medical-grade silicone on the outside and ABS plastic on the inside, allowing it to remain both flexible and erect throughout one's sexual experience while still feeling comfortable.

Inflated through a detachable tube, users can customize the fit to their personal taste allowing the strap-on to remain in place without the reliance of strength on one's kegel muscles or the use of cumbersome straps and buckles. When the sexual encounter is over, the user presses the quick-release valve allowing for effortless removal and deflation. Available in a bright pink or cobalt blue, the product will maintain its satin finish and can be enjoyed with any water-based lubricants.

"The development of the Mischief centered around  drawbacks and complaints regarding existing double dildo strap-ons we have received from customers seeking a better alternative," Lavi Yedid, director of operations, said.

He added, "This product showcases the direction of NSN products, improving and delivering better toys for customers who enjoy taking their sexual play to new levels. We definitely came through on the Mischief's design. It addresses all the concerns we have encountered in this genre. The preorders are indicative that our aim is true."

Jollipops featuresattachable suction cup bases and made from high quality TPE odorless rubber, that provide greater flexibility and penetration.  Available in crystal clear, bubblegum pink, and midnight black, the Jollipops are manufactured in two styles — a slippery smooth, and ridged and twisted, so that consumers can explore the perfect feel and texture within their intimate encounters.

The product has an attractive price point, and is compatible with any lubricant. For those that crave deeper penetration, the products can be attached to a harness and enjoyed both anally and vaginally.

"Variety is what keeps our consumers and distributors continually excited about our latest releases. NS Novelties appeals to a wide range of individual tastes, sexual preferences, and interests. We're giving them opportunities to explore their sexual horizons with the highest quality products available," Sunny Rodgers, sales sxecutive, said.

NS said the introduction of Jollipops and the Mischief allows it to cover a broader market of consumers from those interested in expertly constructed penetration options for their sexual experiences, to people who enjoy more lengthy than girthy novelty items, to heterosexual couples wanting to push their own boundaries of sex play.

To view the Mischief collection click here.

The Jollipops collection can be seen here.

For sales information, contact Belle Casten at belle@nsnovelties.com, or call (800) 748-6767.