Kheper Games Adds to Romance Line Product Range

SEATTLE — Kheper Games has announced the release of two new games from its Romance line, Casino Boudoir and Sex! Cube.

Kheper Games said that Casino Boudoir "brings the excitement of casino gambling to the bedroom."

"Your lover will win big with this set of four adult versions of the most popular casino games," the company announced. "The set includes 20 casino-quality gambling chips with a unique sex position printed on each chip, redeemable by players when they win big."

Casino Boudoir is billed as "four games in one."

A hot table leads to hot sex with Couple’s Casino Craps. Kheper Games said to use the inside of the game box to roll the dice similar to a full-size craps table. Each win has sensual and sexual rewards that go with them.

Roulette Sex! offers foreplay rewards that get more intimate the riskier the bet becomes. Blowjob blackjack offers extra adult fun for players who hit 21 with sexual rewards printed on the face cards.

And finally, Sexy Slots presents a challenge where a player tries to match three cherries, bars, 7s or wild-crown symbols with higher wins and higher bets reaping sexier rewards.

“As part of our Games Therapy campaign we are sharing with our customers the importance and advantages our games offer couples in addition to entertainment," the company said. "Gambling is a hobby that can easily cause a strain on a relationship and our Casino Boudoir game offers hours of entertainment, hot sex and a way for someone to win big without having to risk the family fortune.”

Sex! Cube offers fun finger foreplay for a couple to manipulate while exploring its many shapes and positions. As the magic cube is converted into its different shapes, new sex positions are revealed and the couple selects a favorite to act out.

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