G-Vibe Unisex Expands to 6 Continents

Lila Gray

LONDON — British adult toy manufacturer Fun Toys has announced that its unisex massager G-Vibe is now available on every continent except for Antarctica.

The one-year-old product made a strong break into the eastern European market, winning the Innovative Toy of the Year at Russia’s 2013 X Show.

“We knew we had something special with this unique toy,”  G-vibe inventor Jack Romanski said. “I wanted to create a superior quality massager that’s the perfect blend of tech and design.”

G-Vibe features hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone and six vibration speeds, but the makers say they are particularly proud of its unisex functionality — i.e., that that it can be used pleasurably and safely by both men and women.

“I am proud and thrilled that this device is now being used on nearly every corner of the earth, and hope G-vibe brings the same pleasure to others it’s brought to me,” Romanski concluded.

Romanski, formerly an engineer specializing in silicones for the space industry, said he designed the G-Vibe on a napkin one night after dinner after long — and unsuccessfully — trying to find a suitable adult toy for him and his wife.

The G-Vibe features a V-shape that houses a separate motor in each tip to simultaneously stimulate the G-spot and A-spot for a pleasant "full feeling" without stretching the vaginal opening. The ergonomically engineered design adapts to the unique internal shape of the female (and male) body.